Submissions are closed!  Sorry, everyone!

Please check out this post for more details.

Do you have a webcomic?

Would you like to draw a DUIF?


Send it over and we will post it during our dedicated guest DUIF weekends!  The rules are that the comic can not be longer than 15 panels, must be no wider than 600px and must not be preplanned in any way.  Each guest DUIF comic will have links back to your webcomic and a personal icon.  Pretty much exactly like we have for our weekday posts.

Interested?  Draw one up and send it over!  They’re fun to do!

If you’ve submitted a DUIF before and would like to submit another, sweet!  People who have never been featured on the site will be scheduled ahead of resubmitters, but in the end, all submissions will appear on the site.

Don’t have a webcomic, but still want to do a DUIF?  Cool!  We don’t have a section for it yet, but if enough non-webcomicers send comics to us, we’ll get a section up for them!  Promise!

Send all submissions with all relevant details and attachments to submissions (at)