So right now, I have three different webcomics.  That means I post 7-8 comics a week, which is kind of a lot.  The issue isn’t that I’m running out of ideas, but more that I just want to focus a little more on my new site, Invisible Bread.  That being said, the last regularly scheduled update of DUIF will be next Friday, May 13th.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will never see a DUIF again!  Not at all!  I may still post DUIFs every once in a while here, but mainly  I’ll be posting things that look very much like DUIFs in the Invisible Bread blog.  They won’t be DUIFs, though.  Well, they will be, but… Ok, let me explain this one thing first and hopefully that will help =)

The way I come up with comic ideas for LHT, and now IB, is by putting my stream of consciousness onto paper.  I think of a funny situation or phrase and then I start writing dialogue as I go until eventually (or not so eventually), I get to a good funny ending and then I stop.  Sound familiar?

DUIF was my way of sharing the inner workings of my mind with all of you.  IB and LHT get the slightly adjusted version of my mind, but all DUIFs are my raw thoughts, straight from my head onto your screen.  So when you see something that kinda looks like a DUIF in the Invisible Bread blog, it is actually just the way I write out my comic ideas before they are adjusted or reworded later.

Remember, you can still catch all my comics over at Left-Handed Toons and Invisible Bread!  Those aren’t gonna be stopping anytime soon so please, if for some reason you aren’t reading already, go over there!

Sorry, guys.  I hope you understand!