Oh boy!  I started writing a reply to a single comment, but I feel like it would be better to have us all talk about it.

If anyone was wondering about anything related to our guest DUIFs on the weekends, then please continue reading =)  It’s not gonna be a super-hilarious read or anything, but I guarantee you that it will be informative.  You will leave this site informed after reading what follows =P

We allow guest DUIFs because we see this site as a site for everyone in the webcomics community and not just for us.  Everyone gets a chance here.  We want to spread around some of the webcomic love.  We hope to keep it this way as long as possible, but obviously you never know how things will go down the road.

With respect to pre-written comics, we do state in the submission guidelines that DUIFs can’t be pre-written, but we won’t question submitters about comics being pre-written or not.  There have been some super obvious ones but we, in general, trust fellow webcomicers and trust that they will DUIF it up the right way.

And yup, that’s it!  Let’s discuss =)